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Let's be upfront about this. Factually, analytically and on every other level, I disagree with everything that falls out of Trump's mouth. But why the hell should that matter? So Trump doesn't have the most arcane view of how international economics works, or what a "trade deficit" even means and all of his policy suggestions are just assertive positions. So what?

First off, no one else in the election has a clue about actual policy, with the possible exception of Rand Paul, who's far too domesticated to say anything that shakes the boat. The most substantiative policy/reform-oriented candidate is Bernie Sanders, who is probably also the most naive, premature and dangerous.

But the important thing is that people who think that politics is about policy really have the mentality of people worried about the organization of the deck chairs on the Titanic. Hey, Baby's First Red-Pill: Democracy is morimund, America's indebtedness will cannibalize the country imminently and trying to peel back the Rooseveltian Leviathan is a futile exercise because of the iron-clad grasp of academia and the journalistic caste on public opinion. I don't care if you're a constitutional conservative or an anti-establishment progressive, you need to be institutionalized if you think that the keys to success are within passing a couple of bills you like.

We're fucked, and politics is a reality TV show that convinces us that the system still has a chance. Now if I have to watch a reality show, I wanna make sure it's hilarious and, maybe, just maybe, that it gives me some glimmer of hope about the world, and that's why Donald Trump is the best thing that's happened to American politics since... well... ever.

Trump rejects all elite values

First, why the hope? Trump is proof that there is some chance at rubbing the system's nose in it. Left liberals have gotten too damned used to the fact that every single institution of education, media and information sprays their values indiscriminately at the opiated masses. Now I used to have the silly Lakoffian notion that winning in politics was as easy as manipulating words and ideas: that is, convincing America to support gay marriage was as easy as CNN sending out a memo to its anchors to use Orwellian terms like "marriage equality."

Trump has shown that the manipulation isn't nearly so easy. In fact, if Trump so much as challenges the dicta of the opinion-molding caste, the entire undercurrent of voiceless middle America heaves in ecstasy. Trump is kept afloat by a constant barrage of accusations of racism, fascism, BUZZ_WORD_#3 NOT FOUND, mysogyny and everything else in between. We're finally living in that day and age when all these epithets have been used so damned much that people have realized that they're semantically bleached (and it wouldn't even matter if they weren't). The loud orthodoxy is met with the onslaught of the majority's eye-rollings. The more impotently the media flails at Trump, the more solidly he stands his ground... even for manifestly ridiculous things... and he wins.

I honestly thought it was going to be over for Trump when he implicitly called John McCain a loser for being caputured and tortured by the Viet Cong. I thought it was over when he had a laugh at Megyn Kelly's menstrual status. I thought it was over when he dared to unapologetically mention that blacks mirabile dictu commit disproportionately more crime than whites. It never was. He grew with each piss-fit the media and the entire mainstream political spectrum threw.

If you're dumb or autistic, you believe the media narrative that Trump is channelling "anger." As if people were waiting for someone who would call McCain a loser. If you're in touch with normies, you realize that Trump is popular because he's a free man. People need to stop faking shock and "being offended" by what he says. He says it specifically to rile people and the media up (and has even said so explicitly in his writing). The way he dismisses moral blakcmail is a testament to his mental freedom and independence from the political status quo, and each time he says something to "offend" people, the real objective is to show the disgruntled masses that he's unbound in a way no other American politician is. People are voting for his mental freedom (something that someone like Bernie Sanders can never reproduce).

And as a side effect, since Trump doesn't apologize or back down for moral blackmail, the Left will have to confront him with better arguments than the usual "Wow, just wow!" "I can't even!" and "It's 2015!" Now to their credit, maybe liberals had some kind of actual non-emotional justification for what they believed back in the 60's, but after all these years of absolute supremacy on the air-waves and in textbook writing, it's been long-forgotten and replaced with buzzwords we're all just conditioned to like.

All of middle America who hasn't falled for their """charm""" loves Trump, not because of the content of what he's saying, but because he simply rejects the values and rebuffs the programming. Through Trump's mere existence, we're now living in a political environment where left liberals and moderate right singallers actually have to dig deep into why they believe what they believe. Until then, the only defense they have is Hillary's fake condescending laughter.

Cashing in with the Left

Compared to the median American, Trump is to the left both economically and socially. When Trump wins the Republican nomination, he has a lot of ground that he can easily gain just by shifting emphasis. He's not a fool; Trump is not going to be hounding on "building a wall" in the general election, at least not as a centerpiece. Trump has mastered the Republican state with sheer alpha-male mentality and can still cash in his actual policies in the general election. He's pro-Planned Parenthood, pro-state-run universal healthcare, pro-gay rights, etc. He was always against the Iraq War and aiding the "moderate rebels" (aka ISIS) in Syria. He can run against Hillary from the Left and Right simultaneously, and he will.

That's why opinion polls that show Trump trailing Clinton in the general elections are pretty insignificant now; Trump can be dynamic in a way Clinton can't. One continued annoyance is the cavalcade of "professional commentators" who have been prophesying Trump's imminent and sudden decline since day once. All of the bullshit political models are calibrated to career politicians (especially the ones who say stupid things like "I'm not a career politician") and are based on people who are chattle to donors, rag-dolls to media and back down at the slightest sign of trouble. Nate Silver can't predict Black Swans. Suck a tailpipe.

I honestly can't wait to see him and Clinton in the race alone. I can't wait for Clinton to respond to his machismo with some eye-rollable comments about the "War on Women" to hear Trump just back with a, "Oh really? Last time I checked we have the same view on all women's issues well... expect for wait... I haven't been helping by husband cover up a half dozen rape accusations, slandering the victims the past few decades..." Put an independent man without anything to lose in a cage with a politician who has been part of every scandal in Ameircan politics since she was kciked off the Watergate investigation and you'll have the 2016 election. Get comfy, you cucks.

Trump's effect on the right

The rhetorical victory Trump has already se cured for the American Right is the realization that the best way to win in politics isn't to roll over and say sowwy whenever the Left calls you a meanie, but to stand your ground, or better, double-down with an even more outrageous comment. The only people dumb and shallow-minded enough to not vote for you just because you say something "insensitive" things are going to be voting Democrats anyway. Everyone else realizes that this is a great way to signal your idependence from the system in a genuine way.

When I first wrote this essay for my earlier website in December 2015, I ended it with a reserved admission that I doubted that Trump would have a long-term effect on American, politics, even if he won. Rereading and reconsidering what's happened since then (now May 2016), I think I can say that Trump probably has opened Pandora's Box. I don't think that the mainstream media will ever have the control over the public's mind that they had in the 60's. However intense and unified they are, Trump has become a symbol of resistance, a resistance which is very close to making itself a consensus. When that happens, it'd be hard to pretend otherwise. I've said to many others, living in pre-Trump America is like living in the Soviet Union during the fall of Communism. Everyone is just starting to realize that no one actually believes the state religion, and starting to realize that most everything that was cast over our eyes was a lie. This had to happen eventually, but at least in America, we'll look back on the Trump presidency/campaign as when Humpty Dumpty finally broke and couldn't be put back together again.