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How this class works

Monday and Wednesday lectures will introduce you to much of the course information; on Fridays, we have smaller sessions. Here we'll work on assignments, clarify the lectures, open up for questions.

Class assignments, requirements

Language documentation project47%
Reading quizzes17%
Tests (2)10%
Lecture attendance13%
Friday attendance10%
Pretest/postest/syllabus quizzes3%

The Language documentation project

The largest portion of the grade is the language documentation project, which we'll work on in small pieces gradually throughout the semester. There will usually be small weekly pieces or revisions due every week or so.

The project consists in you inventing a hypothetical language, and over the course of the semester you'll add in linguistic features to that language as we cover them in class. Fridays will be partially devoted to talking about or working on this project.

All of this assignment's parts will be turned in online on our class's D2L site when they're due. Must of the assignment will also be revising previously turned in assignment parts. I'll fill you in on the specifics when we get there!

Reading quizzes and tests

There will be weekly quizzes on readings. Both the quizzes and the readings will be found online (no need to buy any book). We will also discuss readings in Friday classes.

The quizzes are very small (usually 10 questions), and because missing one or two can mess you up, it's not irregular for many people to get very poor grades on some quizzes. If you get a 40 on a reading quiz, you've only "lost" about 0.6% of your final grade. You're not going to fail. If you do have a problem with a question, you can email me to ask, or ask about what you got wrong or tell me to confront Amy about a question you might disagree with.

There are also two tests or "Comprehension Checks" worth 5% each. Like quizzes, you'll have a long time (perhaps as long as a week) to do these. They are open book.


I, Luke, will grade all of your language documentation project. Quizzes and tests are graded automatically on D2L. If there remain only a dozen or so people in the class, I might grade and return all assignments (electronically) in a day or so. If more people add, you might expect them later. Amy requires everything that I return to you be returned within a week, so that's the absolute latest you should receive any grade.

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