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Here are some scripts or other things that I've made recently that might be of use (You can also check the Github link directly above).

mutt/offlineIMAP wizard


An ncurses dialog menu for automatically configuring mutt and offlineIMAP for use. You can easily add or remove mail accounts, and there is a mailbox detection system which sets up helpful keybindings for moving from account to account and from box to box. The script also safely stores passwords encrypted with GPG.

This will save your hours of your life if you use it instead of trying to configure your cli email system by yourself. Trust me. I wish I had this when I first started using mutt.

Shortcut sync


A little shell script that reads a list of shortcut keys for directories and files and auto-generates aliases and mappings to jump to or use in otherways those directories/files in the shell, ranger and qutebrowser. Check the documentation for the full features.

voidrice Dotfiles


My most popular item on Github is simply my dotfiles. These are the files automatically deployed in LARBS.



Luke's Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Script are a series of scripts running automatically that install by dotfiles and all prerequisite programs on any install of Arch Linux or distributions that use the same repository. See for more.